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Kick release and court date on the same day for Salman

As we know that Salman Khan is all geared up for his upcoming release to hit the theatres during Eid, a lot has been said about this film. Salman who is known for playing his chulbul and prem type characters will be seen in a different shade in this anticipated film. Salman has been in the news for quite some time now for this upcoming release. Here’s another bit of information that adds up to the list of scoops related to the charming actor and his film ‘Kick’. It has been reported that the release date for this film clashes with Salman Khans court date.

Salman Khan Kick Movie Review

Salman Khan has also sung a romantic duet for this film along with the famous ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’ singer, Shreya Ghoshal. The song titled Hangover is much awaited by the talented actor’s dedicated fans. Though this is not the first time Salman has tried his talent with singing, it is always interesting to watch an actor go out of his way to explore his talents and try his hands with something new. Salman has sung the title track for his film ‘Bodyguard’ in the past. Apart from singing and acting Salman has also composed lyrics for a song and has successfully managed to write the story for a film ‘Veer’, which he also acted in.

It’s nice to see that Salman manages to remain calm when challenging situations arrive. With his talent he succeeds in attracting our attention to the better parts of him, leaving behind the controversial side to his personality. Salman was linked with a hit and run case. This happened in the year 2002, when the actor allegedly rammed his car into a bakery joint in Bandra; killing one and injuring four people. This news shook his fans and the industry. The actor was also a part of a major controversy when his relationship with Aishwarya Rai ended. Aishwarya accused him of abusing her physically and verbally. This too had a negative effect on the actor’s image. Despite this, the actor managed to regain his famous charm and once again became his fans favourite hero.

Now with all of the controversies behind him, Salman lives a good life without any glitches and seems to be very happy about his upcoming release Kick scheduled for the 25th of July 2014. Ironically, the case has a new development that calls for a court session which clashes with the release date of his film. We are yet to see how the actor manages both these major events on the same day.

Salman’s character in the film Kick has is referred to as the Devil. A grey character, that Sajid Nadiadwala promises we’ve never seen before with Salman Khan. Director Sajid Nadiadwala said, “He is the Devil incarnate. His character is grey and edgy, even the goatee he sports is a salt and pepper mix. You’ve never seen him play a character like this before”.


Aryan Khan dating Amitabh Bachchan grand daughter

Aryan Khan - Navya Naveli
Aryan Khan dating Amitabh Bachchan grand daughter Navya Naveli

What happens when Big B’s granddaughter and King Khan’s son get together? The tabloids get their hands on this and create juicy scoops of news that Bollywood fans simply love. Sharukh Khans’s son Aryan and Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter happen to be studying in the same school in London. Recently, a few pictures of the two surfaced on social networking websites and so begin the speculations. A rumour has been sparked that SRK’s son Aryan has been dating  Amitabh Bachchans granddaughter Navya Naveli.
Sharukh Khan is one of the most loved actors in Bollywood, who gave us major hits like ‘Dilwale Duhaniya Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ among others. These films are listed as the top favourites of the all time Bollywood films. They are films that we can watch over and over again, yet feel the same feeling we felt the first time we watched them. He is famous for iconic dialogues and unforgettable songs. A super star so big, he only gets better every year. The actor seems to be a gentle and caring family man and is likely to show full support to his son Aryan in whatever he chooses to do.
Big B is a celebrated all across the nation and internationally for his talent and strong personality. He has ruled the world of Bollywood with his unforgettable performances in several movies. With such a strong personality, the veteran actor remains humble and kind. This makes him loved by audiences, giving him all the respect he deserves. From what we have witnessed, Amitabh Bachchan comes across as a genuine family man. He surely adores his granddaughter Navya Naveli. She is the daughter of Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter, Shweta Bachchan.

Navya Naveli with Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan Dating Navya Naveli

SRK’s son Aryan was also linked with being cast as the lead in the film ‘Aashiqui 2’, although this is not confirmed. He is an absolute resemblance to his super star father in terms of appearance. We are yet to see if he matches up to the likes of SRK in the talent department as well. Navya Naveli has that air of Bollywood royalty in her and we’re sure she will turn out to be a beautiful young lady. The pictures that surfaced in the web world shows the two of them enjoying their teenage life with friends. It could also be a sign of mere friendship, though the tabloids interpret these pictures in a different way.

Of course news like this is bound to attract a lot of attention from the tabloid and fans. It would make headlines, if this speculation proves to be true. It would be more than scoop worthy if two of the biggest stars in Bollywood get connected in this way.

It would be wonderful to watch what happens a few years later, when today’s star kids are all grown up. Will they follow their parent’s footsteps? Who will get linked to whom? It’s only a matter of time before we finally see what is to come. We are sure there will still be enough to talk about for Bollywood fans and the tabloids, no matter what.

Celebrate this EID with Salman Khan’s new Devil Avatar

Salman Khan has a deep affinity with Tollywood blockbusters and Eid. His remakes of Telugu and Tamil films have run successfully in theatre. His latest film Kick that is a remake of a Telugu movie Kick which is an action comedy film. Ravi Teja is a famous Telugu actor comedian who was the main lead in the Telugu movie. Most of his movies are quintessential just like Telugu cinema. Salman Khan is the only bollywood actor to be able to make successful remakes of South Indian films.

His film Wanted was a remake of a Telugu film Pokiri starring Mahesh Babu. His movie Jai Ho has also been inspired by a Telugu movie Stalin and Hollywood film Pay It Forward, starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. His movie Bodyguard has been a remake of Malayalam film Bodyguard. This movie has been remade in Tamil also. The Hindi version is the third remake of this Malayalam film. Jumme Ki Raat is a song of his upcoming movie Kick and has already created uproar on the digital channels.


Salman Khan also released most of his movies on EID. Ready is yet another Hindi remake of the Telugu film Ready. Salman Khan enjoys making fabulous remakes of South Indian films that entertain national audience. His iconic turquoise bracelet, which is his lucky charm, can be seen in all of his movies. His movies are pure entertainment. You cannot look for any intellectually stimulation in his movies. His movies have his signature style kitsch and buffoonery. His movies have a mass appeal that seems universal. He is a very natural actor with no hang-ups, whatsoever. Often famous for his generosity, Salman Khan is one of the most popular stars of Bollywood.


No movie of Salman Khan is complete without an iconoclastic item number. These songs such as Jumme Ki Raat are so well crafted and choreographed that for a moment you might be willing let go off the elitist in you and simply enjoy the idiosyncrasies in his movies. Each of his movies has some memorable dialogue that is so iconic; you might use it as a reference to expressing yourself. Most of his movies cannot do without action, melodrama, and a good laughter. He is sporting a French beard in the movie Kick, something that he has not done in any of his earlier movies. Styling for kick is entirely different. He also wears an eye gear as he plays a thief who steals just to get a kick out of it.
Like his other remakes, hopefully Kick should do better times two, as the original make of this film in Telugu was a massive hit. One of the best comedies ever made in Telugu film industry. His name is Devil in the movie. The item song of this movie has garnered as much as two million hits in a single day when it was released on a digital platform like Youtube. This EID should bring in Salman’s action packed entertainment.

Salman & Ritesh Deshmukh’s first Marathi Movie “Lai Bhari”

Ritesh Deshmukh seems to be very excited for his very first Marathi film Debut with                   ‘ Lai Bhari’ . The actor who’s recent film, Sajid Khan’s ‘Humshakals’ is doing wonders at the box office, eagerly awaits his next release which happens to be special as he ventures into the world of Marathi cinema for the first time. Lai Bhari, which is scheduled to release early next month is directed by Nishikant Kamat and stars Marathi cinema actors Sharad Kelkar, Radhika Apte and Aditi Pohankar.

humshakal Review

The soon-to-be dad is not the only Bollywood star in this film. Here we will also see Salman Khan giving a cameo performance in this film. Ritesh’s character in this film is that of a tapori named Mauli. We have always seen Ritesh be a sport as he takes up challenging roles that the audience quite enjoys and appreciates. For his film ‘Humshakals’ Ritesh played the character of a woman and gave the tabloid some news as he donned the avatar of a woman wearing his wife, Genelia’s skirt.

Along with Ritesh, is a bandwagon of Bollywood stars that will be seen in Marathi cinema this year. This includes Urmila Matondkar, Tanishaa Mukerji, Gulshan Grover and Jackie Shroff. Although the dates for their film releases are not confirmed, we hope to see them dazzle the Marathi film industry.

Marathi Cinema has been around for the longest time and is well appreciated by genuine movie enthusiasts in the industry. Recent Marathi film releases like ‘Timepass’, ‘Duniyadari’ and ‘Fandry’ were received well, both by the audience and the industry. The world of Marathi cinema is ever growing and becoming a big part of cinema. Some of the celebrated Marathi movies of all time include ‘Pinjara’, ‘Shwaas’, ‘Zapatlela’ and ‘Chaukat Raja’, among others. Bollywood movies and Marathi cinema share almost the same level of masala, comedy, emotions and powerful stories.

While a few Bollywood actors choose Marathi movies, others are inclined towards Tollywood. Actresses Asin, Genelia and Aishwarya Rai have actively been a part of Tollywood films. It is nice to see that our Bollywood starlets are crossing the barriers of language to outshine and explore the world of acting. While some stars are after Hollywood films and wish to go international, others are keen on exploring the different variations of cinema within the country. A little variation is not only needed from time to time, but also well appreciated with so many challenges to face and so much more to learn.

We can only wait and see how Salman’s and Ritesh’s first Marathi Venture fairs with the audience and at the box office. Salman is also positively excited about his upcoming Eid release ‘Kick’ and is busy with film promotions for the same. Besides the release of this movie, Ritesh has another reason to smile as his wife; actress Genelia is expecting their first child. As for the film ‘Lai Bhari’, we hope its release gives the actor an equal reason to smile.