Celebrate this EID with Salman Khan’s new Devil Avatar

Salman Khan has a deep affinity with Tollywood blockbusters and Eid. His remakes of Telugu and Tamil films have run successfully in theatre. His latest film Kick that is a remake of a Telugu movie Kick which is an action comedy film. Ravi Teja is a famous Telugu actor comedian who was the main lead in the Telugu movie. Most of his movies are quintessential just like Telugu cinema. Salman Khan is the only bollywood actor to be able to make successful remakes of South Indian films.

His film Wanted was a remake of a Telugu film Pokiri starring Mahesh Babu. His movie Jai Ho has also been inspired by a Telugu movie Stalin and Hollywood film Pay It Forward, starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. His movie Bodyguard has been a remake of Malayalam film Bodyguard. This movie has been remade in Tamil also. The Hindi version is the third remake of this Malayalam film. Jumme Ki Raat is a song of his upcoming movie Kick and has already created uproar on the digital channels.


Salman Khan also released most of his movies on EID. Ready is yet another Hindi remake of the Telugu film Ready. Salman Khan enjoys making fabulous remakes of South Indian films that entertain national audience. His iconic turquoise bracelet, which is his lucky charm, can be seen in all of his movies. His movies are pure entertainment. You cannot look for any intellectually stimulation in his movies. His movies have his signature style kitsch and buffoonery. His movies have a mass appeal that seems universal. He is a very natural actor with no hang-ups, whatsoever. Often famous for his generosity, Salman Khan is one of the most popular stars of Bollywood.


No movie of Salman Khan is complete without an iconoclastic item number. These songs such as Jumme Ki Raat are so well crafted and choreographed that for a moment you might be willing let go off the elitist in you and simply enjoy the idiosyncrasies in his movies. Each of his movies has some memorable dialogue that is so iconic; you might use it as a reference to expressing yourself. Most of his movies cannot do without action, melodrama, and a good laughter. He is sporting a French beard in the movie Kick, something that he has not done in any of his earlier movies. Styling for kick is entirely different. He also wears an eye gear as he plays a thief who steals just to get a kick out of it.
Like his other remakes, hopefully Kick should do better times two, as the original make of this film in Telugu was a massive hit. One of the best comedies ever made in Telugu film industry. His name is Devil in the movie. The item song of this movie has garnered as much as two million hits in a single day when it was released on a digital platform like Youtube. This EID should bring in Salman’s action packed entertainment.


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