SRK in 5 different looks for Happy New Year

Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan are back together working as a team for their upcoming movie ‘Happy New Year’ with the latter being the director and the former playing the lead role in the movie . This duo last worked together in their super hit movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ in 2007 , seven years ago . The movie back then also saw Deepika Padukone star along side Shahrukh in the lead role and even ‘Happy New Year’ sees her playing the lead role pairing up with Shahrukh Khan .


Shahrukh Khan is known for carrying any look given to him and asked from him by the directors of the movie . Be it Don , Om Shanti Om or Main Hoon Na , SRK has the knack for getting his face and his personality toned in order to make his character believable on screen and make the audience relate to them immediately . In his upcoming movie , ‘Happy New Year’ , Shahrukh Khan has again been asked to play a role of a common man , trying to become of the biggest con artists of all time . As it is evident , the character requires SRK to be able to manipulate the audiences into believing he is living the life of one person and aspires to be a completely different person altogether .


For this film , SRK has not backed off in experimenting with his looks and changing them as per movie and director requirements . This time , Shahrukh has crossed his own great limits and is already seen carrying as many as 5 different looks in only the trailer of the movie . In the trailer of ‘Happy New Year’ these 5 looks revealed are very different from each other and all carry different traits of his character’s aspects from the movie .

Going away from his normal looks , it is evident that Shahrukh has easily carried all these looks from what the trailer has shown us . The trailer kicked off with Shahrukh giving a monologue about winners and losers while wearing a jacket and carrying a golden streak , which looked simply sexy . SRK was then seen sporting a stubble with messy parted hair , and HOT is an understatement for this look of his . Even clean shave Shahrukh Khan which came forward in the trailers looked as romantic and cute as his fans expect him to be . The King Khan has also brought out his cool side , with his uber cool look in some instances in the movie trailer visible . The last look defines his ability to expand beyond his capacities as he is seen with bleached blonde hair and blue eyes , quite literally .

Since it is a con movie , many faces of one face are expected to be a part of the movie’s setting . The movie ‘Happy New year’ releases on Octorber 24 , 2014 and also features stars like Boman Irani , Jackie Shroff and Abhishekh Bachchan .


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